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80% of Crafters, Dressmakers and Embroiderers undercharge for their work.
Only because they don't know how to price, or are too scared to price for profit.

Easy to Use and Speedy Results

From installation to getting your first rates in place in less than 20 min

Let me show you how easy it is, to use is your Price for Profit Software.

  • By just knowing what an item cost you, you can make an informed price.

  • The software takes all emotions out of your hands.

  • If you charge less than what the software tells you, you know that you are losing money.

  • At this time you still think you are making the best possible profit, are you sure your price is correct?

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Support different business types

Create invoice and email to client

Record payments and out standing invoices

Easy to install

Multiple Charge-out rates

Introducing Price 4 Profit Windows Software: 
​​​​​​​ The smallest software with the biggest change to your bottom line.

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Philip Viljoen started Price for Profit in 1991 when his partner was running a dressmaking business.

During 2017/2018  the software was improved from an Excell spreadsheet
 to Windows-based

The biggest challenge for handcrafted products is pricing. Guesstimating the value of the item.
Most work from home people is too scared they will lose clients and therefore are not charging the correct price. In some cases, they are charging below their cost and are therefore sponsoring the clients.

This will stop when you use Price for Profit Software.

Philip Viljoen

Software developed by a Crafter for Crafters

I would like to Challenge you today.
If you can not afford the Price 4 Profit Software, which cost less than 2 garments or a days embroidery income but will make you 10x more in the next 12 months, You will never make enough money in your craft at your current price

Most importantly, you get access to all future updates for free.  
​​​​​​​The software is a downloadable product.
Are you going to be redirected to the download page after payment 
You can contact me on Whatsup for support, my number is on the download page.  

Warning if you are not taking action

You could carry on working and actually paying to work for your customers collecting only 60% of what is due to you for the next year

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